WG 3 - Working Group on Civil Society Engagement with National Drug Policies


The working group is mandated by the CSFD to carry out work on behalf of the CSFD into civil society engagement with national policy. Properly leveraged, civil society organisations can help policy makers consider old problems in new ways, bringing a wealth of diverse experiences to bear on the issues facing modern societies. It can also improve things for citizens engaged in health care systems, empowering them and encouraging participation. It can also improve legitimacy, quality, understanding and applicability of policy initiatives, and contributing to national and international strategic policy goals.

In general, the work of the group takes account of the following issues:

  • The focus should be on the policy and practice of the EU Member States, EEA, acceding, candidate or potential candidate countries
  • The focus should be on meaningful engagement in national policy, rather than mere involvement with or access to formal structures in member nations
  • Recognition should be given to the fact that many CS organisations do not necessarily operate on a fully national level, but rather engage with (and are affected by) more local or federal structures. In this regard, ‘national’ should not be taken as limiting the Workgroup’s focus merely to engagement with truly national policy structures, but instead with policy structures within nations which have the most impact on CS organisations from those nations.



This working group has carried out a range of activities related to its work, including those set out below. Live links will be added to the resources section below as resources from WG3’s work become available. 

The main activites of the group to date have been:

  • A survey and report on CSO engagement
  • Development of a database of CSOs involved in drug policy
  • Members have participated in the Pompidou Group and contributed to its paper on CSI
  • Members have participated in the CSIDP project

The working group has a number of activities planned under the CSFD project for 2018 / 2019, including:

  • The establishment of this website
  • The development of policy and briefing papers on CSI and the EU action plan
  • The support of national case studies on civil society activities